ERPGAP Blog / Vue Storefront is now Alokai - What’s new?
Vue Storefront is now Alokai - What’s new?

Vue Storefront is now Alokai - What’s new?

Now a citizen of the Javascript world, Alokai is the new name for Vue Storefront.

In essence, everything remains the same, but why did the name change? After the announcement of React.js support in March 2023, it no longer makes sense for them to have “Vue” in their name since there is now the possibility to use both Vue.js and React frameworks. The core mission is unchanged: to deliver a genuine plug-and-play experience that isn't limited to any specific frontend framework or eCommerce backend. Technically Alokai is a node.js module that can be packaged into other Frameworks like Nuxt.js (Vue.js stack), Next.js (React.js stack), and even others.

Vue Storefront to Alokai: Evolution in Progress

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What are the differences?

As already mentioned there aren’t a lot of differences between the Vue Storefront and Alokai. But some main differences are:

  • Rebranding for Enhanced Capabilities: The new logo represents a focus on connectivity, agnosticism, and transformation. Now Alokai is described as agnostic which means it’s designed to be flexible and independent of specific technologies. This allows developers to integrate it with various systems, tools, or platforms without constraints

  • Architecture: Vue Storefront utilizes the Vue.js framework with a progressive Web App Headless PWA approach. But Alokai introduces the flexibility to employ both Vue.js and React frameworks. Alokai, like its predecessor Vue Storefront, remains an open-source software solution, fostering a collaborative environment for continuous innovation and development. This increased flexibility together with an open-source commitment ensures that Alokai stays at the forefront of eCommerce technology.

  • Speed: Vue Storefront is known for its speed, while Alokai takes optimization to a whole new level, making it even faster. This increase in performance is essential for every eCommerce platform, impacting directly on each one’s profitability.

  • Scope and Integration: Vue Storefront is known for its frontend capabilities, designed to integrate with different types of eCommerce platforms and backend systems. But now Alokkai expands these integration capabilities beyond just frontend solutions, offering deeper integrations with backend systems and a wider range of eCommerce functionalities.

While Vue Storefront was more focused on frontend solutions, Alokai represents a broader and more integrated approach to eCommerce, looking to offer a comprehensive solution for businesses in the digital commerce space.

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What Exactly is Alokai?

Alokai is just a rebranded version of Vue Storefront, offering enhanced features and capabilities that enable you to:

  • Build a scalable design system.
  • Craft a storefront with an exceptional user experience for the customer, prioritizing speed and reliability.
  • Incorporate third-party vendors seamlessly into your API orchestration and storefront.
  • Manage infrastructures, CI/CD pipelines, and deployments to ensure that the application remains fast and reliable.
  • Adhere to engineering and architectural best practices; which not only maintains flexibility and sustainability but also ensures scalability

and robustness, both of which are vital for large-scale operations.

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ALOKAI < - > Odoo

Like Vue Storefront, Alokai has a great integration with Odoo, optimizing eCommerce and ERP connectivity through sophisticated technical channels. By synchronizing inventory data, product catalogs, orders, and customer information, businesses can automate workflows while minimizing manual interventions. Alokai’s modular architecture and support for Odoo's extensible framework enable flexible customization and configuration to meet diverse business needs.

Explore why integrating Odoo with Alokai/Vue Storefront is an exceptional solution by reading this article: ERPGAP - Vue Storefront / Odoo

For a real-world example, see this customer case study: Article - Vuestorefront Customer Case Gevenhout

Additionally, check out a live website using this integration: GreenMind

Alokai plus Odoo


Almost everything remains the same. New features, new branding identity, and the adoption of the React framework stand out as significant updates. Despite these changes, the core essence of the platform perseveres, ensuring continuity and familiarity for users and developers alike. Aloakai embraces innovation, catering to a broader spectrum of needs in the eCommerce environment, while at the same time staying true to their first premises.

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Vue Storefront is now Alokai - What’s new?

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