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Time is money, so improving any aspect of your sales process is valuable, right? That’s exactly what’s possible with Odoo Sales. So, if you’re a sales manager, let’ show you how closing sales opportunities with Odoo Sales is really simple.

A Sales Management System Definition

Let’s start with a sales management system definition so you know what you’re investing in. This type of system is also often called a sales CRM. It streamlines your sales process because it helps you manage details such as:

  • Your contacts
  • Automating administrative tasks
  • Tracking your potential deals
  • Integrated shipping services information

Odoo’s sales modules offer you a comprehensive set of features, making it a leading software option on today’s market.

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So, how does it work?

Sales Management with Odoo—7 Reasons Why it Really Works

Let’s discuss some of the welcome features you’ll find in Odoo Sales. You’ll see how to set up and conclude a sale in a few easy steps.

User Friendly Quotations

You save time because you can select a predefined quotation for a new product line offer. The products and service details will already be displayed in the quotation. Of course, you can adapt the offer to fit your clients’ needs.

Intuitive Interface

The interface is really smooth and intuitive. You can add references or catchy phrases such as closing triggers. For example: ‘You’ll save $500 if you sign the quote within 15 days’.

The result is a beautiful and modern design that’s also practical and prompts clients to commit to a sale. This will help you close your deals easier.

Mobile Responsiveness

Reviewing the offer from a mobile phone is easy. That makes it effortless to do business on the go and your clients can have information on hand no matter where they are.

Customer Communication

The customer gets a clear quotation with a table of contents. You can communicate easily and make use of any upselling opportunity you identify. For example, adapt the offer by adding more products. When the offer is ready, the customer simply needs to sign it online with only a few clicks.

Shipping Made Easy

Odoo Sales has integrated shipping services, networking with market leaders in the industry, such as:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS and more

When you have a signed offer, Odoo Sales automatically creates a delivery order.
You’ve just seen how easy it is to successfully sell your products in just a few clicks.

Data Storage

All data is valuable and with Odoo Sales you have the transaction and communication history at your fingertips. It’s easy for any stakeholder to access details of past interactions and any information related to the transaction.

Viewing Information

If you want to view information, do it from a customer form, using steps similar to the following:

  • Kanban of ‘Customers’
  • Click on one customer
  • Click on ‘Opportunities’
  • Select ‘Quotation’
  • Navigate back to customers (Use breadcrumbs)
  • Click on customer statement letter

You can get an in-depth report of any of the following:

  • Sales activity at any time
  • Revenue by salesperson or department
  • Revenue by category of product

Use drill-down features to get data by specific products, by quarter or month.

Bonus feature: If you like a certain report, add it to your dashboard in just a click.

In Conclusion

You can see that Odoo Sales is a powerful yet easy-to-use app. You can start off with the sales planner. This is where you’ll get practical tips and strategies to boost your sales performance.

Try Odoo Sales now and get beautiful quotations and amazing dashboards to increase your success rate. This is how you get the sales figures in retail that you’ve always dreamt of.

Try Odoo Sales for Yourself

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