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Selling Process

Selling Process

from setting up Quotation to getting Paid

Sales Process

One of the most used features in all software systems is the workflow of the selling process. However this fact is often ignored when it comes to training and understanding the whole process itself. In this article I’ll go through this process of selling and show you all you can do with Odoo to boost your sales order management process.

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Quotations Explained

Let’s start by creating and customizing a new Quotation in our Sales App. You can basically think of a Quotation as a Draft Sale Order. It’s the stage just before confirming a Sale Order.

Creating a Quote

When you create quotation documents you can:

  • Identify the Customer
  • Set up an Expiration Date
  • Select the Payment Terms you have in this sale order
  • Change your Sale Order number to one that suits you better Obviously you can choose any product from the wide variety you may have and make daily, weekly and monthly sales orders.

One feature that might come in handy is the Optional Product that you can easily add to your Quotation. You can add any info that might be useful for you or your sales teams. For example:

  • Selecting a sales team
  • Creating a sales team
  • Set users to that sales group
  • Setting up a delivery date that will then show up in the delivery order.

Sending a Quote

After filling the quotation you can either send it by email, using Odoo automated email system, or just confirm it. As you can see, when we confirm the Quotation, it goes from Quotation to Sale Order.

Odoo - Sending a Quote

Helpful Extras

When we confirm the Quotation it turns into a Sale Order, as seen above, and it will automatically create the Delivery Order for that Product. This is where Odoo can make magic! You can have your product set up with rules that will help you have a more organized system and save you time on repetitive tasks.

Here’s a practical example. If your product has the option “Replenish on Order” activated, Odoo will see to the following:

  • That you have a Sale Order of 100 Customizable Tables
  • Creating a Request for Quotation (Draft Purchase Order)
  • You’re always updated
  • No product is going to be out of stock when needed

Of course, you can also set up Reordering rules and Odoo will obey them.

Odoo - Helpful Extras

As you can see in the Delivery order you have all the information you need. You can see:

  • What will be transported
  • The destination
  • The scheduled date for the delivery
  • From which warehouse it’s moving out

You may need to receive Returns and create credit notes. All of this is possible in Odoo. By clicking on the Return Button, the process is reverted pretty easily, saving you and your company time.

Invoicing with Odoo

Now we’re ready to create an Invoice. Odoo is already set to create different types of Invoices, such as down payments, partial payments or just a regular payment.

Inside your new invoice you can easily see what Journal Items will be affected and change them if necessary. As always you have more information that you can easily add, from payment terms to marketing information.

After posting (advancing from a draft stage) you can preview the Invoice, send it to your client and mark it as paid.

One important feature that Odoo has - also mentioned above related to the Returns - is the fact that you can easily add a Credit Note of partial refund, or even full refunds. Also, if any mistake was made in the previous steps, simply reset it to draft and modify your Invoice until it is ready to proceed forward.

Odoo - Invoicing with Odoo

This concludes one simple example of automated sales actions and you can see how it benefits your business. If you want to learn more about the purchase process and how it works, check out this article. If you want to check other articles view our blog and don’t hesitate to Contact us if you have any questions.

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