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OAS - Open Adoption Software

OAS - Open Adoption Software

Keep Up With The Trends

OAS - Open Adoption Software

There’s no question that technology is continuously changing how the world does business. The challenge for any business is to keep up with the trends.

So, when it comes to software, are you up to date? Read our summary on OAS (Open Adoption Software) to make sure you know how to impress your customers and your competitors.

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OAS is a Customer-driven Phenomenon

Open source software has already rooted itself deep within today’s Fortune 500, with many companies contributing to the projects they adopt. We’re not just talking stalwarts like Google and Facebook. Big companies like Walmart, GE, Merck, Goldman Sachs — even the federal government — are fleeing the safety of established tech vendors. They all opt for the promises of greater control and capability that’s possible with open source software. These are real customers with real budgets, demanding a new model of software.

And the drumbeat is only getting louder. Each year we host 15 Fortune 500 CIOs as part of Accel’s Tech Council. We continue to hear criticism about proprietary software. Common complaints include ‘it’s too expensive’ or ‘it’s slow to change’.

So, what is driving customers toward this new model, especially when looking for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software? These are the trends on the current market.

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The Need for Speed and Control

Nothing is worse than waiting for a vendor to update a libr/ary when you want to stick to your release schedule. The demand for innovation and rapid delivery means enterprises need agility from the software they adopt. This applies to small and mid-size market ERP software.

Open platforms allow companies to move faster and integrate at a deeper level. This can happen without fear of lock-in by removing the dependency on proprietary vendors. Enterprises are no longer bound to a vendor’s product roadmap. They can innovate to their own requirements at any time.

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Everything is Web Scale

Enterprises are delivering solutions to a global, ever-connected base of users. Consider banks that support tens of millions of end users logging into their banking apps. They also have hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide. Traditional, proprietary vendors are unable to deal with this onslaught of data and user scale.

Fortunately for them, many early Web 2.0 leaders (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo) dealt with these problems and more. They contributed much of their learnings to the open community. Now, when you pick mid-size market ERP software, you benefit from these market leaders’ past experiences.

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Developer Power and Network Effects

CIOs are empowering frontline developers to download and adopt the projects they need to drive innovation. Developers are looking to community-led technologies where they adopt, deploy and meaningfully participate.

OAS extends beyond Moore’s Law by also benefiting from something akin to Metcalfe’s Law: its energy and rate of innovation grows exponentially with the developer networks around it. Open source software can absorb learnings and requirements much faster than a proprietary vendor, while simultaneously hardening security and stability. This software is in many respects, much safer.

Furthermore, Hadoop and Docker are constantly stretched, pushed, molded and smoothed by their developer communities. This makes them far more mature than their age would suggest.

Odoo - Software Adoption

Odoo fits the mid-size market, not so much as a component but as a full feature product for the mid-sized companies who want to keep up with the pace of big names.

Where does Odoo Position Itself in this New Picture?

Odoo targets the more dynamic players in the mid-size market ERP zone. Being able to provide a fully integrated feature set, it allows Odoo customers to compete with bigger players. This is now possible without needing to invest in a fully customized framework.

The integrated ORM allows the easy development of complex workflows and processes around your company’s activities. If you successfully implement Odoo you’ll show the same professionalism and have the same efficiency as larger industry leaders.

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The ERPGAP team can help you implement your Odoo ERP solutions. As an Odoo Ready Partner you can have peace of mind about the quality of our service. We’ll help you enjoy the same benefits our satisfied clients are already smiling about. You can get ahead of the competition with open source software.

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