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Why having a mobile ERP benefits your business

Why having a mobile ERP benefits your business

A mobile ERP can increase customer satisfaction and improve overall effectiveness and efficiency

Mobile is now. Not in the future.

We are becoming mobile. Businesses and consumers. 66% of people in the UK use a mobile phone to use the internet , according to Ofcom’s 2017 Communications Marketing Report.

Consumers are using their mobile devices at any time, anywhere. They search and buy goods from their smartphones. Businesses stopped having physical boundaries. The traditional office is no longer required. And employees can get work done without stepping a foot inside the company.

If businesses want to keep up with consumers, they need to leverage technology as they do.

As consumers become more mobile, so should organisations .

Mobility is worth exploring. Businesses need to use technology to their advantage.


Traditional ERP is often limited to an office or a fixed device. Modern ERPs are flexible, allowing businesses to fully embrace the benefits of mobile access .

Having a mobile ERP system can increase productivity. Employees don’t have to be confined to the company’s physical boundaries anymore.

What is a mobile ERP exactly?

We have apps for almost everything in our daily lives. Why not for our professional lives? ERPs are no exception. There are already many ERP software solutions that have an app version for mobile devices.

A mobile ERP allows users to access and share information easily. They have real-time information on their hands. No more wasting precious time to make important, well-informed decisions.


You can automate tasks so you can accomplish more. Reduce paperwork, costs, and stress.

You can decide how to best handle a situation in the moment.

Some argue that mobility brings information overload. This study showed that’s not the case. In fact, it helped qualify the sales force and improve the quality of life because they don’t have to go to the office to insert information in the ERP system.

More and more companies are following the mobile trend. Mobile ERPs are becoming basic components of businesses with a mobile workforce. They speed up process automation and increase efficiency and profitability for their companies.

Going mobile with your business

If you have an ERP system in your company, you already know the benefits it brings. You could increase those benefits with mobility.

Advantages of mobility:

Better relationships with customers - improve their satisfaction with real-time information to deliver better products

Increased efficiency - better communication between employees despite the distance; visibility of work processes; data collection on the field; automated processes in the field will streamline internal processes of the entire company

Cost reductions - employees don’t need offices; reduction of transportation and sales cycle costs

Increased organisational effectiveness - mobility increases organisational agility; employees stay informed even outside the company

Gained productivity - information is received directly from customers to improve production; don’t need to wait for orders to be inserted into the system

Increase in revenue - improved efficiency and customer satisfaction; new sales channels through mobile devices

Having your business always with you makes a big difference in the long run.

All the options at your fingertips will help you set a precedent and make your brand an attractive choice for consumers.


Real-time communication and access to data are key for businesses today. With a mobile ERP, you are always in communication with your employees and customers. Get business insights and reports when you want.

Even if you’re miles away or it’s the middle of the night, you can check on how your business is doing. That is not only helpful to you: your employees and customers will benefit from it too.

For customers:

Today consumers expect to hear from a business right away. If not, they’ll look elsewhere. You can quickly provide feedback and make them feel important by answering their questions.

For employees:

There are studies and research done about the advantages of using mobile devices to work . Her e are a couple of statistics for you:

94% of business personnel think mobile devices make them more efficient. More than two-thirds of companies claim to lose competitive ground without mobile devices, says a study made by CDW.

Almost 96% of employees see “increased benefits” from working away from the office - A Digital Health Intelligence white paper

Keeping your business running smoothly is important. Going mobile can help you turn it into reality.

What are the benefits of a mobile ERP?

The Digital Health Intelligence white paper also points that employees multitask easily. For example, they can be going to attend a meeting in another place while doing their work they normally do behind the desk.

Employees save a lot of time because they don’t need to head “back to base” to check information. They make updates on the move. Managers can approve workflows right away. The “this will have to wait until I get back to the office” no longer applies.

Sales teams can be better prepared for meetings with clients with real-time, accurate data on their phone. Your company will be known for the quality of your services. Customer satisfaction will be increased.

Benefits of mobile ERP:

Competitive advantage - with real-time access to information, decision makers have better control over operations

Cost efficient - get more done on the move. Lower costs of business through efficiency gains.

Accurate real-time data - have all information you need on the go. Make updates and changes that are applied to the whole organisation .

Improve performance - a business is kept up to speed with real-time submissions of data and improves performance in all departments

Easy implementation - all professionals have a mobile phone and a lot have tablets. All you have to do is install the ERP app on those devices.

Do I really need ERP on my phone?

Some businesses already have CRM apps on mobile phones. But, is ERP on your phone really necessary?

First, you have to look at the benefits and improvements mobile ERP can bring to your business. Some business owners and employees have to put decisions on hold, wait until they return to their laptop to examine data. Only then, they can make a decision.


Mobile devices are steadily replacing laptops and desktops.

If you already have your phone with you, wouldn’t it be easier to check information in your ERP there?

In a manufacturing environment, production and operations departments can access information about potential problems, like machine malfunctions or supply chain issues. This means they’re able to take actions to keep working and prevent possible delays. They can also track inventory and production processes.

The company can be in the loop with its teams on the field. A salesperson that travels to meet with a customer can prepare with current information about them while making the trip. Supervisors are informed in real-time about the meeting. Approvals are done right away without keeping your customer waiting for an answer.

Data duplication will be avoided. It’ll be accurate. Your customer service improves because real-time information is always available.

A study about the adoption of mobile ERP systems showed that companies saw increases in productivity, organisational efficiency, and effectiveness, lowered costs and increased surveillance and control.

Everyone in the company can take advantage of a mobile ERP. It’s becoming easier to monitor what is happening in the organisation in real-time.

Odoo mobile

A good mobile ERP needs to be capable of streamlining processes and collaboration to increase productivity.

Odoo mobile is one of those. You can carry organisational information with you, anywhere you go. Information is updated in real-time so you don’t have to check for its validity.


You get all the Odoo functionalities and features on your phone or tablet.

It’s an excellent choice for businesses on the go.

Carry your work in your pocket.


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