ERPGAP Blog / Help consumers buy from you. Make your site mobile-friendly.
Help consumers buy from you. Make your site mobile-friendly.

Help consumers buy from you. Make your site mobile-friendly.

Mobile users are growing every day. Let your business grow with them.

Some Sites Still aren’t Mobile-friendly

No matter what industry your business is in, you need to make your website mobile compatible.

It’s safe to say that almost all consumers have a mobile phone. They use it to search the internet, go on social media, find where a business is located and much more for work and entertainment.

Consumers look for items of interests at the moment. They don’t wait. They don’t have to. This is all thanks to the mass of information available. To reach and keep those users’ attention, you need to have a mobile-friendly website.

With the number of businesses modernising their websites, you’d think mobile friendliness is included in all upgrades. Still, some businesses have modern looking websites but they aren’t compatible with mobile devices. They don’t look impressive on small screens and are hard to navigate on smartphones.

Then there are websites that tend to be even worse for attracting customers. Even with websites being so important, a lot of websites still have an outdated look AND can only be viewed on a computer screen.

Odoo -Help Your Clients

Many businesses’ websites still look like this today. Basic designs with unattractive layouts and they’re difficult to use on mobile.

So, which category do you fall into?

Odoo can help optimize multiple aspects of your website and business and general.

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A Mobile-friendly Website is NOT only for Ecommerce

Even if your website is mainly informative, it needs to be mobile friendly. You can see information as an asset and you want people to enjoy obtaining that information from you. This will make them stay longer, increase your search engine ratings so your website becomes more popular. Making it easy for anyone to view your pages will help you grow into a well known market leader in your industry.

No matter what you’re sharing via your website, if your audience consists mostly of desktop users, it doesn’t mean you can ignore mobile users. Potential new customers - who most probably do use mobile phones for browsing - can access your site but won’t be able to view it properly. So, they exit the site and find a competitor whose site accommodates them. Optimising your website for mobile will bring you more visitors, more leads and more customers. Did you know mobile friendly websites have a boost of 13% in unique monthly visits and almost 25% more page views?

Don’t be concerned that changing your approach will scare away your existing customers. In fact, it can improve their experience. They don’t have to wait until they’re in front of a computer to interact with your business anymore.

The necessity of mobile friendliness is driven by more and more consumers converting to mobile. This isn’t restricted to younger consumers either. Older generations are avid mobile users as well.

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Consumers don’t wait until they’re on a computer to go online anymore. They make research on the move and buy while waiting for their orders at a restaurant.

The good news is you don’t have to spend as much as you think to become mobile friendly!

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Increase Your Chances of Ranking Higher in Google Searches

Being mobile friendly also helps your ranking in online searches. Google is constantly changing its algorithm, changing what is important about your site. One of those changes was that mobile-friendly sites now rank higher than those who aren’t. It’s no longer a matter of becoming mobile friendly to attract a few mobile users - your position in all online searches depends on this feature. If a potential customer is looking for a product you sell, they’ll see your competitor’s results first if you don’t provide benefits for mobile.

Did you know, for ecommerce, more than half of traffic comes from smartphones and tablets? If you want to make sales, you need to provide the methods your audience prefers.

Also, thanks to smart algorithms, content is selected for mobile users’ benefit. They won’t see sites that are hard to navigate on their phones.

Websites optimised for mobile benefit from Google’s mobile algorithm. Are you one of them?

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If not, with mobile search increasing every day, you’ll only impress your audience if a user happens to be in front of a computer. But if your site is adapted for mobile consumers, that won’t be a problem. It’ll be easier to get new visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

So, it’s worth investing time and resources into this process of updating your pages. We’ll discuss this even further in the next section.

Want to know more about ecommerce in the current environment?

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How a Consumer Sees Your Site Influences their Intention to Buy

In business you always need to try and go one step further. With your ecommerce pages, know that optimising a website for mobile use is not enough. A user’s impression of the quality of the site influences their perception of product quality and their intent to buy.

Shopping intentions are affected by:

  • Visual appeal
  • Download delay
  • Security
  • Navigability

All these also influence consumers’ perception on the quality of your products.

For users to buy from you, you need to invest in your site’s quality:

  • The most important factor is the ease of use (intuitive operations and easily understandable workflows).
  • Following this, is usefulness - communication and response time.
  • Next, the visual and emotional appeals.

These three aspects help customers buy from you more.

And they’re fundamental to impulsive buying. Is your business B2B? Then your customers will spend more if they buy online. Learn all about it here.

Make Your Customers Happy with a Mobile-friendly Site

Don’t forget that consumers today are more independent than a few years ago. They have the power to follow their own interests and because they have access to so much information and products, it’s their privilege to pick whatever they prefer.

Your challenge: become the preferred supplier in your niche.

How do you do this?

You must be able to provide a pleasant experience for them. It all starts with your site. Don’t make anyone feel excluded or have a bad impression of your business.

Consumers rely on other consumers’ opinions to make the decision to buy. Your views as a seller are not as relevant, so simply talking about how great your products or services are won’t be good enough.

If customers are unhappy with their experience, they’ll tell others online. Other consumers will know that you’re not offering what they need and how they want it. So, a bad review or feedback can have a major impact on your business. Luckily, you can do a lot to manage this situation. Mobile friendliness is one key to getting it right.

Don’t worry, tyou don’t have to create another website for mobile users. Most ecommerce platforms offer websites completely optimised for mobile and web designers today are aware they need to create sites that support mobile.

As for Odoo, it’s optimised for mobile so you can have peace of mind. You can even test it as you go along. The website builder allows you to view how your site looks on a desktop and a mobile phone.

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Odoo website builder mobile device preview for tablet and for mobile phone

Build your site for both desktop and mobile users. Let them find your business online, explore your website without constraints and buy seamlessly on their phones.

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