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How to Create an Online Shop with the eCommerce App

How to Create an Online Shop with the eCommerce App

Create a Professional and Modern Looking Shop Yourself

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More and more businesses are investing in eCommerce. They may still have a physical location, but having an online shop has become essential. With this in mind, an online store needs to be appealing, easy to navigate and have features to provide a good customer experience.

Learn About Odoo for Modern Business

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Odoo has an amazing eCommerce application that enables you to create your own online shopping website and more. Integrated with other apps (Website, CRM, Shipping and more), you can easily create an online shop by dragging and dropping blocks of content.

To learn more about why businesses pick Odoo rather than other well known tools for eCommerce, read this.

Build the page to your liking, add product attributes and share information about them for easy navigation. Later, if you need to change anything, edit your page without any hiccups.

The app has some helpful features:

  • Choose a custom theme with a professional look and adjust it to your business
  • Customers may have their own portal to view and download their invoices and track orders
  • Automated inventory and sales reports and stock adjustments
  • You can up-sell, cross-sell and enable cart recovery to effectively boost your sales

The all in one eCommerce software is fairly simple to configure and use. It works as part of your Odoo website app since the shop will be added to the business’ site.

Want to Know About Odoo for Manufacturing & Inventory?

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When you create your own online shopping website, set up your preferences by going to the Website app and on the Configuration menu, select Settings. On that page, tick all the boxes relevant to your business.

In Product Catalog, for example, you may need to tick the attributes and variants box to display products that are available in different colors and sizes.

Next, on the same main menu, set up delivery methods and payments acquirers from the drop-down list. The items listed are displayed according to what you selected on the previous action. If you can’t find the delivery method page or the product attributes page, go back to the Settings page, locate the intended feature and tick the box.

Don’t forget to save.

There are some payment and delivery methods created by Odoo, so check first if what you need is already there. Popular platforms like Paypal (click on install) or FedEx are already set up.

On the delivery methods, you can set a value from which the delivery will be free.

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After installing a payment acquire, on the Configuration tab in the form, configure the different fields.

Now, all you need is to get your products online. We recently made an article about product variants. We explain how to create products and publish. Here you can learn how to create and manage product variants.

Thanks to the innovative features added by the best eCommerce app developers, you can set up price lists, promotions and coupon programs under the Catalog menu. Choose the intended option and start creating. For promotion programs, you can set up promotions directed at specific customers and products.

The Conditions field is where you can do this. Click on the blank field and select as many conditions as you need from the list. Don’t forget to save.

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The coupons work in the same way, although the form is smaller.

Before closing the window, click on Generate Coupon to set quantity and then save.

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Manage your customers and their actions on the Orders menu.

Check the unpaid orders, abandoned carts, manage customers and orders made by customers (on that page you can create them and view it in the Sales app).

Monitor your sales with reports (Reports menu) so you can verify if you need to adjust your strategy.

Go to your website and click on Shop. You’ll see a page with all your products, however, only the products with bold text are published. To publish a product with faded text, select it and on the top right toggle the button from Unpublished to Published.

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Edit the shop’s page to display products to your liking by clicking on Edit (top right corner). The Customize menu has a list of options that you can make visible on your page, such as Add to Cart or Product Description.

Individual product pages can be edited too. Just like above, easily modify the page’s look.

Now you’re ready to use the all in one eCommerce software!

Create your own personalized website today!

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