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Get the best property apps with Odoo

Get the best property apps with Odoo

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Realtors and Technology

Realtors usually try to spend as little as possible in technology. Agents (27%) and brokers (21%) spend between $501 and $2,000 on technology a year. That’s not a lot. Many times, it results in information scattered across hundreds of spreadsheets, printed files, and other management software.

But maybe you’re tired of those spreadsheets and printed PDF files running your business. So, you decided to give property software a try. Or a few tries, until you realized it’s not worth it.

You probably changed systems a few times and never got the expected results. You found systems that have amazing features but are too expensive. And a few are cheap but don’t do everything you need. None of them seem to be the best fit for your business. They’re not easy to use or they’re outdated.

One specific area where this is a common occurrence is the real estate industry. Property software has been struggling to innovate. While CRM systems, for example, are always being optimized, software for property is not.

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What are the Challenges Realtors Face with Technology?

The main reason for property software being inadequate, is providers don’t have incentives to innovate. They can still keep clients with their tools and services without coming up with new features. And clients often fail to recognize what technology can do for them.

They have a hard time keeping up with changes in technology too. 48% of firms admit it’s one of their biggest challenges.

About 45% of brokers in firms said they want the companies to expand their technology offers. The top three offerings they’d like to see are:

  1. Easy to use technology
  2. Reliable faster internet
  3. A better CRM database
Odoo - Top Brokers

Their number one need is easy to use technology. Unfortunately, due to the lack of innovation, this is surprisingly hard to find.

Source: Real Estate in a Digital Age 2017 Report

Realtors want new and better technology. They use mobile phones and computers every day. Yet, software tools aren’t up to the expectations.

Odoo - Real Estate

Source: Real Estate in a Digital Age 2017 Report

The good news is that there are products that do deliver. Odoo is one of them, catering for many industries.

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Odoo is a Great Solution as Property Software

If you’re fed up with outdated software or don’t want to spend a lot of money, this next part is for you.

As someone in the property industry, you always have to be on top of your sales and appointments. Also, you need access to vital information for the success of your business.

Odoo has multiple features and tools to help you manage your business. It can help you check all kinds of information and you’ll have all this data stored in one database. This means you don’t have to waste time lookinglook for a piece of data or copy information from one place to another.

Odoo is one of the best open source CRM products in the market. It can be used by a single person or by big companies. The software easily adapts to the property industry.

So, now you do have a dynamic and practical property CRM at your disposal.

Features to look forward to:

  • CRM Leads

    Odoo - Real Estate
  • You can personalize your pipeline.

    Odoo - Pipeline
  • Customize your property descriptions.

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Take Your Business with You Everywhere

Odoo also works on mobile. As an agent or broker, you need to be able to quickly check information. No matter where you are, you can access all your company’s information about a client or a property. With Odoo, it’s easy to take your business with you everywhere.

Imagine you’re showing a house to a client. They ask you if there isn’t anything else they can see. Maybe you don’t remember or you’re not sure. So, you grab your mobile phone (or tablet) and check Odoo.

You go through your listings and find a flat that fulfills the requirements. Now, you can tell them you have another property just a few minutes away. You can even walk there. You effortlessly improve the level of service you can offer and it can positively impact sales figures.

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A Variety of Apps for Your Property Business

On top of a reliable CRM, you can add other Odoo modules. You’ll have a set of apps that all add value to your property business.

Website Builder - How it Helps Realtors

Home buyers look for properties online using a mobile device. They find photos and detailed information useful. There are realtors out there paying a lot of money for a website. Odoo has its own website builder.

You can buy a theme from Odoo or make your own personalized website. Simply drag and drop text or images to where you want.

Odoo - Business

Home buyers go through your online listings and, if they’re interested, they’ll go straight to your CRM! Thanks to apps being integrated, the process is quick, effective and simple.

Simplify and Optimize Accounting

While we’re talking about speed, put an end to data duplication once and for all. Why don’t you add accounting?

Discover Odoo Accounting for Your Business

An accounting software for property shouldn’t be a separate system from your other activities. One unified system is the way to go.

You’ll have the best property software tools for your business.

Odoo can support basic requirements to more specific ones for your business. See all the details here.

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