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What makes Odoo better than other ERP solutions

Why Odoo is better than SAGE, Dynamics and other closed source systems.

Reinventing ERP

From previous experiences of costumers that used other software like Sage and Dynamics, we can easily state that there are two styles of software, opensource vs closed source, in which odoo ends up being open-sourced but not only that it also has the capability of reinventing your ERP.

OpenSource software allows you to inovate, create and have a more significant growth and allows us to grow side by side with your company needs.


The Open Factor

Our customers say that Odoo is more flexible and less expensive. Flexible in a way of being able to be extended without sacrifice of other features.

I tend to think this is due to: since Odoo is open source, it was exposed to different types of businesses and cultures very soon. This made them grow with the concern of keeping the software more generalized.


Breaking the mold

The capability of breaking the mold , at the expense of less backward compatibility, leads Odoo to fix their normal young age mistakes.

This is not possible at all in a closed-source software, due to the large numbers of problems that every single costumer would have and therefore it would be easy way to fail on a early bird. Being an opensource software allows us to learn from previous situations and implement them in future ones.


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