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OdooXP2023 and Odoo 17.0

OdooXP2023 and Odoo 17.0

Odoo 17.0 release and talking about Headless e-commerce with Odoo


Once more, the ERPGAP team has participated in OdooXP2023, the world's largest Odoo event where Odoo 17.0 was revealed. The event was held on 8th November 2023 in Brussels Expo / Belgium and featured a host of industry experts and thought leaders who shared their insights on the latest developments in the Odoo ecosystem. ERPGAP's participation at the event was a testament to the company's position as a leading provider of Odoo implementation. Our CTO, Diogo Duarte, delivered a compelling talk on implementing headless eCommerce using Odoo, Nuxt.js, and Redis Cache. The talk was well-received by attendees and showcased ERPGAP's commitment to the open-source community.

What's new about Odoo 17.0?

This new version bring us a lot of new features, you can check the release notes and get all the details per module. But we want to highlight some of the new features that we think are the most important.

  • New UI/UX - The new UI/UX is a big step forward, it's more modern and more user friendly. It's a big change from the old UI/UX and it will take some time to get used to it, but it's a change for the better.
  • Shop Floor App - The new Shop Floor App is a great addition to Odoo, it's a simple app that allows you to manage your shop floor in a simple and easy way.
  • Performance - Odoo 17.0 is faster than ever: big code cleanup, faster startup time, improved RPC API (XHR RPC Round Trip ~200% faster)
  • Big Deployments - - Odoo 17.0 is now ready for big deployments, with separate read and write databases, scaling from a maximum ~5K to ~50K users per database (10x).

This last point is still to be battle tested, but it's a big step forward for Odoo and it's a feature that we have been waiting for a long time. Then other things like ChatGPT integration for content generation and big improvements in the Point of Sale app (POS) are also great additions to Odoo 17.0.

The Talk: Unlocking the Potential of Headless Architecture

OdooXP 2023 Talk: Implementing headless eCommerce using Odoo, Nuxt.js, and Redis Cache

In an engaging session, ERPGAP's CTO delved into the intricacies of implementing headless eCommerce using the powerful combination of Odoo, Nuxt.js, and Redis Cache. The talk explored the benefits of a headless approach, such as increased flexibility, scalability, and improved performance.

The concept is based on the separation of the frontend and backend of an eCommerce store, marking the first step towards a composable architecture. Separating the frontend system allows for greater flexibility and scalability, as the frontend is managed independently of the backend. This enables businesses to deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple channels, including mobile, web, and social media.

For those who missed the live session or want to revisit the insights shared by ERPGAP, the talk is available on YouTube.

OdooXP2023 and Odoo 17.0 YouTube cover image

The Booth: ERPGAP's Presence at OdooXP2023

This year we decided to have a booth at OdooXP2023, we wanted to connect with other partners and customers and create awareness about Vue Storefront open source project. We had a lot of people visiting our booth and we had a lot of interesting conversations.

OdooXP 2023: ERPGAP Booth


ERPGAP's participation at OdooXP2023 was a testament to the company's position as an industry leader in ERP solutions. As always, OdooXP was a great opportunity for the ERPGAP team to connect with other members of the community, share and learn from each other's experiences, and explore new ideas and technologies. We look forward to participating in future events and

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