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Oral e-Health Management Platform

Oral e-Health Management Platform

Move your dental clinic record with you next time you move to another city.

Project Overview

Project title: Oral e-Health Management Platform (number: 72636)

Objective: Develop an oral health monitoring platform with a presence in at least two countries by 2023 | Implement a reliable and scalable system with an inactivity rate of less than 1%.

Consortium Composition: PROMPTEQUATION and Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Project start date: 2021-01-04

Project completion date: 2023-06-28

Financial entities support: 404 475,63 €

Co financed by:

Project aim:

The “Oral e-Health Monitoring Platform” aims to improve the population’s oral health through the centralization and articulation of the medical-dental clinical record with its various stakeholders: patients, dentists and teaching/research centers. Based on a cloud computing system, this platform will allow for an electronic medical and dental clinical record, as well as monitoring of treatments carried out over time.

The access to the platform and its data will be differentiated depending on the user’s profile (patient, dentist and teaching/research center) and within the legal framework in force. It will be possible to carry out a true integration of oral health in systemic health and, not least, the transversal and longitudinal evaluation of clinical data by the teaching/research centers, thus contributing to the practice of dental medicine based on scientific evidence. In addition, the permission of differentiated access to the patient makes it possible for them to be aware of their oral health status and treatments carried out, thus contributing to their oral health-related quality of life.

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A glimpse of what this Platform has to offer besides the clinical records

Messaging interface that supports patient-physician communication

The implementation of the message interface is accessible to the patients who have given data permission to the doctors through the hybrid application.


Hybrid application that allows the granting and acquisition of authorization

to the patient’s profile

The sharing of the patient’s clinical history with the dentist is performed from a hybrid application. Its operation is based on the reading of the patient’s QR code by the dentist.

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