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New Chelmsford-Essex Office

New Chelmsford-Essex Office

Closer to our Essex customers

Our new Office in Chelmsford

After opening offices in the USA and two more in Portugal, ERPGAP is now focused on serving the local UK market. The digitalisation of the industry and the growth in manufacturing has highlighted the need for innovating tools. On average, a medium-sized company uses 14 different applications to do what Odoo does by default. Now closer to our UK customers with our Chelmsford (Essex) office.

ERPGAP new office in Chelmfsform - Essex

When has started

Since its creation, ERPGAP (formerly ODOOGAP) has focused its energy on the development and implementation of Odoo. Odoo is a management software created by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. This software is open source, which means that anyone with programming skills has free access to the primary code and can therefore consult and/or modify it. As for its design, Odoo offers a modern and simple interface, developed from a modular structure in which it already integrates more than 4500 applications.

At ERPGAP we have over a decade of experience implementing and customizing Odoo. We are currently early adopters and community members and are the first company to have an HMRC recognized Odoo module for MTD in the UK.

ERPGAP 2020 Team

We have set up our base at the Patch to be closer to the community and to be a part of the networking hub that it has proven to be. Get in touch and book a consultation or just visit us anytime.

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Odoo has always been a community-based system. It currently has more than 7 million users and thousands of programmers worldwide which facilitates the internationalisation process of the companies that use it.

As an Odoo Ready Partner in the UK and USA, we aim to provide an inside view of our customers' businesses and how we can solve their problems.

Odoo Experience 2022

Odoo is the glue

Odoo is composed of an open source core and set of enterprise modules that bring added value enabling you to use its 66 base apps to streamline your business processes. Sales, CRM, eCommerce, Purchase, Accounting, Manufacturing, Inventory, Dropshipping, Customer Portal, Vendor Portal, Social Media Marketing, Recruitment, Leave Management, Appraisals, Expense Management … It’s an endless list of of applications that make your business a well-oiled machine. Today, Odoo is available as "on-premise" or "platform as a server" Please contact us to find out more.

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New ventures

Committed to the open source communities, ERPGAP is also a member of the main open source Headless eCommerce system. Vue Storefront is an open-source platform with tremendous success and can be used with Odoo as its backend. In 2022, this partnership became another transformative tool for its customers, having officially launched its first project in May 2022.

Take home message

ERPGAP's vision is based on a collaborative and technological future where we can learn together, always focusing on relationships of trust and respect, as we have always done with our customers. We are a young and active team, with people from the most diverse backgrounds, which allows us to provide a more tailored proposal specific to the needs of your business. We believe in strong and transparent partnerships, where our clients can see us as one of their own.

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About us

Odoo is a management software that fits all sizes. This software is for small, medium and large companies. Your company's information is all in one place. You don't have to go back and forth to check something. All apps have real-time access to your database.

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