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Odoo 13.0 Top New Features

Odoo 13.0 Top New Features

What is new about Odoo v13 that stands out from the release notes

Odoo 13.0 was release 2nd of October 2019, our team has attended the event and since the release was huge, we decided to devote in our top 4 features.


Huge Performance Increase

Using a new caching system for the ORM that reduces the amount of SQL queries sent to the database (4x less queries). Odoo claims and has demonstrated an average improvement of 5x times the speed.

This is really a major step in the right direction as Odoo is getting +1000 user customers more and more.


Accounting Refactoring

Account invoice and account move models have been merged in account move. This reduces the complexity of the system in several views.

Though this might not seem a big change, it was a major effort since the previous model was used in several views and reports


Vendor Bill Entry With AI

Odoo has majorly improved the Vendor Bill automatic entry with AI. It really tries to find XML metadata on the PDF files if they were generated by some other system that produces this type of metadata. Then if document was scanned if will use OCR and an external AI service that will learn from user fixes what needs to do to recognize the invoice

This system was already in place but Odoo has improved it to a degree that if makes the effectiveness close to 90% success

Multi Company Consolidation

Multi Company Consolidation

New company consolidation app that streamlines the process of accounting consolidation between different companies.

This is a long waited feature as the consolidation process is usually painful and cumbersome.

If you want to check the full list of changes you can check the Odoo 13.0 Roadmap here

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Odoo is a management software that fits all sizes. This software is for small, medium and large companies. Your company's information is all in one place. You don't have to go back and forth to check something. All apps have real-time access to your database.

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