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Odoo 12 Tour 2019

Odoo 12 Tour 2019


Odoo 12 Tour

The Odoo 12 Tour was organized to promote the new version of Odoo (Odoo 12) and the release of a new application. This is a worldwide tour was designed to showcase how Odoo saves hundreds of thousands of businesses time and money.

A few upcoming tour locations include: Barcelona, Toronto, Portland, Ho Chi Minh City, Riyadh and San Antonio.



We are a Certified USA Ready Partner by Odoo, now also working in the Seattle area. We have specialized in Odoo since 2010 and have been established in Boise, Idaho since last year.

We are a team of Odoo certified specialists that believe in the power of open source. Odoo empowers our customers with professional grade business applications that would only be available at much higher budgets.

Odoo projects require a proficiency in business. We keep our focus on making sure Odoo brings value to your business from the start of the implementation.

Manufacturing Models: ERPGAP has done projects that involve custom product configurators and customized shop floor systems.

Warehouse Modules: ERPGAP has implemented custom routing systems that recognize automatically different shipping areas and assign to different teams and picking operations depending on the size / weight of the products.


ERPGAP Customer Case
Custom Manufacturing Company in Logan, Utah

Laser Cut Quilts

Before using Odoo’s Manufacturing and Project applications, job sheets were lost, version tracking was problematic, it was a very time consuming process, and there was no time for growing the business.

“Now, we keep everything digital and have started using tablets to track our manufacturing process. Not only has this reduced errors, but it has given us actual manufacturing time for profitability analysis.”

-Andrew Hastings, CEO of Laser Cut Quilts


Diogo Duarte, ERPGAP, presenting Laser Cut Quilts Case Study.


Odoo 12 Tour Seattle Overview

The event was hosted on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at the SURF Incubator (999 Third Ave. Suite 700, Seattle, WA 98104).

Welcome / Coffee

Presentation by Odoo SA

Demo of the Webshop, CRM, Sales, Manufacturing, and Purchasing models.

Q&A Session

ERPGAP presented Customer Case (Manufacturing company from Logan, Utah)

Networking Session to chat with ERPGAP experts

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ERPGAP is now Certified Odoo Ready Partner

ERPGAP is now Certified Odoo Ready Partner

First Odoo Partner in Idaho

First Odoo Partner in Idaho

About us

Odoo is a management software that fits all sizes. This software is for small, medium and large companies. Your company's information is all in one place. You don't have to go back and forth to check something. All apps have real-time access to your database.

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