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Steven Stone, Diamond Rings eCommerce with Odoo

Steven Stone, Diamond Rings eCommerce with Odoo

A Shining Project. Steven Stone Project Diamond Rings eCommerce with Odoo

About Steven Stone

Steven Stone is a well known jewellery that was born in 1937, created by Al and Henry Stone in Manchester. A three generation company proud of its history and committed to ensure their diamonds are ethically sourced and environmentally responsible, guaranteeing that all diamonds have a GIA certificate. Steven Stone excels for its exclusive bespoke designs and expert advise.

Currently, it has three physical stores located in Manchester, Hale and London. Employees take the high responsibility of personalizing this 80-year-old brand, taking care of customer satisfaction above all, providing all the information they need to do the perfect choice. Since the products have a great sentimental value, the election must be perfect.
We live in a time where technologies are more accessible than physical locations, so all these features must be present on the website with the same voice as the company and as reliable as the stores.

The Project

This is an ambitious project that combines the luxury and personality of the brand with an intuitive usability, and that’s all you need to be successful.
We implemented several features like a way to book a consultation showrooms online, a live chat on the website, postcode search integration, klarna payment gateway and several other integrations.
This is the beauty of Odoo, the possibility to customize everything in a way that best fits the company.
On the website customers have a great amount of information to guide them through the process of chosing the perfect ring or organize the best wedding party. They can also create their own dream ring.


Odoo - Hotjar

The best way to improve your website usability, making it as intuitive as feasible for your clients, Hotjar gives you the opportunity to have a heat map of the webpages you want to monitor.
And what is a heatmap?
This feature let you see clients behavior when using your website, where they click, in which order they click, when they leave the page and what are the problems they faced along the way.
Isn’t this an amazing tool to improve client experience?


Odoo - Feefo

Feefo is a platform where clients can share the experience they have when buying their products. It’s a great way to capture new clients with good reviews but also a way to fix and improve adversities, providing a better experience for the costumers, a way to spot trends therefore boost sales.


Odoo - Criteo

Criteo it’s a marketing tool to manage all your ad campaigns with great AI innovation. Building smart campaigns shown to your target audience, and to the ones who are more likely to be interested in your products. You can reach your clients in every phase of sales funnel and convert your leads in engagement opportunities.
This App has also all the analytics related to your campaigns, to easy calculate your ROI and empower your brand awareness.


Odoo - Klarna

A great finance integration that allows customers to pay smoothly your products, Klarna gives the opportunity to choose the perfect product at the time you need and pay it later partially. In the website clients also have a finance calculator to simulate their purchases with the options they can chose for the credit.

Odoo - Finance Calculator


Odoo - Apache Airflow

Airflow is the diamond on the top of the ring, this powerful management framework allows us to create, schedule and monitor workflows. In this project it’s being used as an ETL for products that are uploaded by vendors, powered by multiple execution threads, making the product list always fresh. With airflow we are able to choose the best quality products that we want to show in the website by filtering them with rules that achieve our standards, we are able to calculate prices and price conversions, and every single product has an image and a GIA certificate. All this data can be monitorized every step of the way, making it possible to pinpoint faster the root of possible issues so that the flow doesn’t stop.
Can you imagine your website running with this level of sophistication? It would add value to your company, optimize marketing and management and also elevate your search engine optimization to the top. Obviously you would reap your fruits very quickly.

Contact us now and see you business grow faster than never.

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