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Odoo the ERP for furniture manufacturing

Odoo the ERP for furniture manufacturing

How Odoo can be used for high-end furniture manufacturing

Using Odoo for furniture manufacturing in the interior design industry

Lately, ERPGAP has successfully implemented solutions for high-end furniture manufacturing companies, with some exciting results.

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Interior Design - A Unique Niche

There is a specific type of manufacturer/craftsman that works for interior home design projects. These experts have very bespoke portfolios of high quality products. Local craftsmen across the United States and in other countries build these pieces - wherever there is demand for these high end products. These companies work together with interior designers and showrooms, adapting their portfolio to the specifics of each project.

One can only imagine how important but also challenging it can be to keep these portfolios updated and relevant.

Unique Projects Require Unique Solutions

To the benefit of experts in the design and furniture manufacturing industry, Odoo is a highly customizable system. Odoo is based on the latest open source technologies and has the capability of fitting each business process like a charm. Also for software that’s relevant to furniture manufacturing, there are Odoo solutions for various steps in the business workflow.

To achieve this solution, you also need a very experienced team. They must understand your business and, based upon your specific needs, adapt, plan and advise you in the right direction.

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What is Odoo Exactly?

What Can Odoo do for You?

As with most businesses, the goal is always to create a great customer experience and streamline the flow of your daily operations. To realize this goal, Odoo can assist with optimizing your shop floor by unlocking and optimizing processes such as:

  • Procurement
  • Subcontracting
  • Carpentry
  • Upholstery
  • Assembly

By doing this, Odoo helps users have a continuous flow, which benefits operations, clients, delivery dates and various other factors relevant in this industry

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Below are some detailed explanations to showcase Odoo’s value.

Lounge chair

Odoo and the Approval Process

Interior design furniture manufacturing requires several validation milestones, like:

  • Drawing for Approval (DFA)
  • Cut for Approval (CFA)
  • Sample for Approval (SFA)
  • Customer Own Material (COM)

These are processes that affect your sales and production efficiency. Odoo has mechanisms that can be integrated so that you can connect the isolated departments and just push your orders out within your master production schedule.

As the efficiency and benefits of Odoo become clear, more and more furniture manufacturing companies are asking for our help to implement Odoo. It helps brands stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Manufacturing Process Improve with Odoo

Manufacturing operations must be connected with many departments, including Sales, Inventory and more. You need central systems for internal messages and topic discussions, allowing you to streamline the flow of information across the company.

With Odoo you can set up a specially tailored Master Production Schedule. This can:

  • Allow the production manager to follow up on the operations
  • Make sure the production teams have a steady stream of work
  • Avoid many common pitfalls of the furniture industry

The Odoo system even allows managing the raw materials and automating the consumption while allowing adjustments. All these features ensure your stock levels are always in sync with real levels.

Bill of Materials for furniture manufacturing

With real time facts available to you, you can make informed decisions.

Which aspect of furniture manufacturing do you experience the most challenges with? Let’s discuss how Odoo can help.

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