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ERP Customization

It's not about 'to customize or not to customize'; but rather, will you evolve your business or simply decline?

ERP Customization, Not Why, but When?

There is really no question whether you should proceed to customize your ERP. The challenge is simply to find the right time to start. When a company is still young, it might not have the means or the need to have an ERP. But if you prove yourself on the market it means that you will need to define and streamline it’s business processes. At a certain point in time handling sales, inventory, purchases, manufacturing, shipping, accounting and more becomes so complex that you have no other option then to implement an ERP.

Using a separate app for each of these topics might become a real integration challenge. Also, it will surely require a fair amount of double data entry. So, the first step is to implement an ERP. The only reason you would not choose to do it is because your business is so small or it has a predictable lifespan. It could be just a one-time deal or a project that will have no follow up.

In all other scenarios, opting to obtain an ERP and customize it to your needs will give you the competitive edge you need to surpass your competitors.

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All Businesses are Different

In any industry you’ll usually see a wide range of categories based on these factors:

  • Scale of the business
  • Specialization in a certain product or service type
  • Focus on a certain customer type
  • Specialized in a certain geographic location

You may think that all shirt manufacturing businesses are the same, but if you dig deep and talk with an industry expert you will find all these variants.

Let’s add the specific business processes that each company has. Now you can imagine the amount of possible combinations available in just one industry type.

All these variations create a wide span of necessary features that software needs to cater for. That means, unique software for different companies. And that proves how important customization of your ERP will be.

What Makes Your Business Better than Others?

If you have a successful business, you probably have some advantages that enable you to stay on market. Your strengths could be your location or your ability to keep loyal customers.

But remember that time and the business world are ruthless. If you don’t evolve your business, someone will take your place. Every detail counts, some more than others. You need to measure and keep track of all your activities and find the methods that will make your business thrive and grow. This is why you need to invest in more resources than others. You need to:

  • Be on top of your game
  • Make your processes seamless
  • Make your product better
  • Keep customers happy

Customizing your ERP means that you are doing something to improve your processes and ensure they’re market related. You are rethinking how you do things and implementing changes in your business in order to stay on top.

How to Add Value and Reduce the Risk of ERP Customization

ERP implementation and customization doesn’t have to be risky or expensive. It comes down to how you manage the process and how good your consultant is. Planning the implementation, breaking big chunks of work into small deliverable phases that will individually result in added value is the way to go.

This may seem easy in concept, but it’s surely a challenge. You need to know the business process to the core and also know the ERP. Then you will need to define the final goal and all the steps in such a manner that you can have small wins along the way and get users excited about the outcome.

This is why it’s very important to get an ERP expert on your side from day one. At ERPGAP we have 10 years of ERP implementation a[nd customization experience with the best certified Odoo consultants and software developers. If you don’t know Odoo plase check What is Odoo page.

It’s time to get the experts on your side, so you can enjoy the business growth your company deserves.

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