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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Make your recruitment an easy task

An Applicant Tracking System Software is what your recruitment team needs. This software allows you to manage all your candidates in a pipeline for each job opening that you offerand easily organize all activities with Odoo’s smart activities management.

When you work with the best recruitment management software, HR tasks become easy and there’s less disruption to your normal day-to-day activities.

Let’s show you how it works.

The Best Recruiting Management Software in Practice

Opening a Job

Take the first step of creating a job opening that you can publish on your website and then easily keep track of every applicant in your pipeline. You can decide on which of our websites this job will be advertised. Then we can add more internal information, such as:

  • How many job openings you’re looking for
  • The responsible teams
  • An interview form that you would like to be used when interviewing the candidates

As you can see, at the top of the job opening you will have the details of that job itself. Get quick and accurate statistics and keep track of every document that is sent regarding this job.

Odoo - New Job Position

After setting up this first part, the one you just created can now be seen among all other job openings you have. Some of them can already be published and others are created but not posted yet.

Odoo - New Job Position 2

You can now create a job description that will lead us directly to the website where you can edit the information displayed about the job opening. In this page you can easily set up the basic information and score that you’re looking for:

Odoo - Job Description

Clarify Important Details

Also make requirements and must-haves lists visible so that your applicants know important details:

  • When to apply
  • Advantages and best aspects of working in your company
  • What you offer

Add as much information as you would like to have with Odoo’s easy blocks website build.

Odoo - Responsibilities Odoo - What We Offer

Go Live

After filling out the job description in the Odoo ATS HR software, you’re now ready to make this job opening live and start getting applicants to submit their details. By simply clicking on the Apply Now button, the applicant is taken to a small form questionnaire to fill in and submit his/her CV as part of the job application.

Odoo - Job Application Form

Obviously you can share this direct link in any platform or social media that you might use to advertise your job opening.

Handling Applications

After the applicant submits the form your Odoo app [Recruitment] will display a new application. Now you can easily manage each one by sending automatic emails, answering communication and scheduling meetings or calls. It’s all done from the same platform.

All these actions are recorded in the chatter so that you and your team are always on the same page.

Taking a look into our app with the Kanban view where you have all your applicants’ submissions, you’re now ready to analyze, compare and select the best candidate. With this organized view you can:

  • Move applicants to stages that you previously set up
  • Enable those stages to send automatic emails with information of interest
  • Schedule meetings and interviews.
  • Kanban View
Odoo - Kanban View
  • Schedule Activity
Odoo - Schedule Activity
  • Automatic Email
Odoo - Automatic Email

The reason why Odoo and it’s software is seen as one of the best recruitment management software options t’s that all apps and functionalities are in one place, saving you lots of time and therefore money.

You don’t need to leave Odoo to interview your applicants. If you go to settings there’s an option to activate Interview Forms. This is where you can create surveys for the many different job openings or interviews that you want to do. Create different types of questions, mandatory or not, add notes to the interviewer and much more.

When using an applicant tracking system army recruitment, business employee onboarding and internships become less time consuming. You can engage with more people without sacrificing other important tasks.

  • Create Survey
Odoo - Create Survey
  • Create a Question
Odoo - Create a Question

You’re now ready to start interviewing your applicants.

Make and Manage Your Decision

After all these processes and keeping track of the applicant in your pipeline, you can now do one of the following:

  • Generate an Offer
  • Create an employee
  • Refuse the applicant

All of these options are completed inside the Odoo applicant tracking system.

Odoo - Manage your Decision

Odoo for YOUR Business

Besides all these amazing features, you have the possibility to adapt Odoo to your business style. The great advantage of Odoo is that you get a customizable ERP software ready to suit your business and save you both time and money.

Ready to do business - even recruitment - simpler AND better?

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