Empowering Wholesalers with Odoo.

Imagine having a client portal where your customers can place orders for you.

Payment methods are available out of the box.


Client Portal

Client Portal 1 Client Portal 2

Multiple Websites

Multi Websites 2 Multi Websites 3

Inventory management

Inventory management

Multi-Warehouse Support

Multi-Warehouse Support

Multiple Websites

Multiple Websites

Meeting the Unique Needs of

Wholesalers are vital links in the supply chain, bridging the gap
between manufacturers and retailers.

To thrive in this competitive industry, wholesalers must
address key challenges such as:


Challenging inventory management


Manual order processing


Complex financial managementt


Evolving customer expectations


Continuous process automation


Odoo as the Game-Changer - the
Open-Source Way

To overcome these challenges and drive business growth, wholesalers
need a robust software solution that is tailored to their unique needs.

This is where Odoo is a game-changer.

Odoo offers an integrated software (Open-Source) system designed specifically for wholesalers. It
comes with a comprehensive suite of features to streamline operations, optimize inventory
management, automate order processing, simplify financial management and increase customer

With Odoo, wholesalers gain a competitive edge by using cutting-edge technology to overcome
industry-specific challenges.


Integrated Client Portal

Enhance customer experiences with a client portal for placing orders, tracking shipments and accessing real-time
product availability.
This reduces phone calls and manual data insertion.


Dynamic Pricelists:

Define multiple pricelists according to
customer segments with complex
formulas. Tailor pricing to meet specific
customer needs.


Multiple Payment Methods:

Different payment processing methods
are integrated.
Give customers the convenience of
multiple payment options.


Multiple Payment Methods:

Different payment processing methods
are integrated.
Give customExpand your online
presence effortlessly.
Host multiple websites on the same
server and cater to different target
markets.ers the convenience of multiple
payment options.


Multi-Warehouse Support:

Manage multiple warehouses efficiently.
Gain complete visibility and control over
inventory across different locations.


Automated Replenishment:

Say goodbye to manual stock
Set intelligent reordering rules and let
Odoo handle automated replenishment.


Multi-Currency and Multi-Company Support:

Handle multiple currencies and manage
different company entities seamlessly.
You can now conduct business
internationally with ease.


Fully Integrated Accounting Package:

Simplify financial management.
Enjoy a comprehensive accounting
package that covers invoicing, payment
processing, and financial reporting.

And Much More...

Odoo offers a wealth of additional features and modules that can be tailored to your specific needs as a
wholesaler. From sales management and CRM to purchase orders and advanced reporting, Odoo covers
every aspect of your business operations.

Ready to Revolutionize Your

Wholesale Business with Odoo?

Embrace the power of Odoo as a wholesaler and experience its transformative impact on your operations. At
ERPGAP, we specialize in implementing Odoo for wholesalers, helping you harness its full potential.

Contact us today to transform your wholesale operations and achieve long-term success.