Vue Storefront with Odoo

The best-of-breed open-source eCommerce Headless system with the best-of-breed open-source ERP.
Headless means decoupling the backend from the frontend being able to change the UI faster and safer.
Composable Commerce is a response to the urgent need for customization and omnichannel approach.


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Pragmatic, fast and lean tool for eCommerce success. Decoupled frontend for your website.
Built with a PWA and headless approach, using a modern JS stack, Vue Storefront provides shopping experiences like native apps and boosts site performance.
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  • Single app that provides a unified user experience on different devices.

Fast website

  • It uses an offline cache service, giving ultra-fast performance.

Wonderful user experience

  • Single app that provides a unified user experience on different devices.
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We have been involved in big eCommerce projects with Odoo and we found that sometimes the monolithic architecture is not the solution for all customers. Some of our customers, specifically Luxury market (shoes, clothes, bags, watches ...) they need to change the design frequently and decoupling frontend from backend reduces the time and the risk of these operations, so we had to find a solution for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why would Vue Storefront be better than Owl?

It’s fundamentally different. Vue Storefront is built using Nuxt.js and Vue.js, so if you want to compare it to Owl, the closest would be Vue.js. Without going into the weeds of Vue.js and Owl.js we must understand that Owl is created specifically for Odoo, there are good reasons for this and Odoo will not replace Owl per Vue.js or Vue.js. Vue Storefront is specifically made for headless eCommerce architecture and that’s the strongest argument for using it.


Why not just use Odoo eCommerce app?

You really can use an Odoo shop but it depends on the size and ambition of your business. If you start scaling Odoo shop you will face permanent changes to the storefront trying to keep up with new trends, promotions, integration with other systems. You will have a smaller or bigger Marketing Team, Design Team, SEO/PPC team, Frontend developers and Backend developers. Managing all this with a monolithic architecture is a big challenge. Using a headless system like Vue Storefront allows your Frontend team to focus on their agenda, not worried about the ERP/Backend deployment cycle.


Is Vue Storefront faster than Odoo?

As a storefront, yes! Vue Storefront only focuses on web performance and it’s heavily uses Redis cache ~95% of the time, this means you could serve the same load with half of the hardware check this. Regarding Web Vitals and other single page performance indicators, as a default it out performs Odoo because the Vue Storefront community works constantly on this subject using other backends other than Odoo. Anyway, this always depends on the implementation. Web performance must be managed as a process, not just a product.