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Start Your Odoo Project


# We have the Odoo fastlane for you, filled with best practices so you don’t waste any time or money in reaching your business goals.

# Odoo experience is best with ERPGAP guidance ,so do yourself a favor and follow our guidelines!

Getting the Process Started:
[ Project Information ]

Let us know some basic information about your project and we will get you started with Odoo on the right track:


The Way Forward:
[ Our Methodology ]

Our ultimate goal is your project's success!
As a happy client we believe you’ll turn into a  long term client because you’ll see the value of our work and how it’s a secret to success for many.

We have a process through which we adapt the plan to the type of project at hand.
The data from the survey above will help us to better understand your project’s requirements.

We will follow these principles:

When possible, try to use Odoo out of the box

We will challenge you to simplify

Define the scope and the approach

Reduce and refine the scope

Carefully plan before any development is done

Go live as soon as possible for reducing risk

Who Should Follow the ERPGAP Process?

A look at our existing clients prove the value this process
can have for any business, in almost all industries:

We work with several types of clients

Our clients differ in size

Projects have different technological backgrounds

For deployment, we can work with Odoo.sh, self hosted or hosted on any server provider

ERPGAP can manage your infrastructure if needed but we can also empower your team to manage it

You’re on the right track to managing your project and business more effectively.
The ERPGAP team is looking forward to
partnering with you.